Podcast Now Available on iTunes!

Our sermons are now a bonafide podcast that can be found on iTunes and downloaded to your iPod.  Click here to open our page in iTunes or you can search for “Marsh Lane Baptist Church” in the iTunes store.

“Back To The Basics: Essential Equipement” 1 Peter 1:21-25

Pastor Scott leads us this week in our “Back To The Basics” series and we look at how important reading our Bible is. He talks about and describes what happens to our lives when we don’t have the Bible in our lives. He then challenges us to read from the book of Colossians every day this week. Will you read Colossians with us this week?

“Back To The Basics: Called To Be Holy” 1 Peter 1:13-25

As we continue our “Back To The Basics” series, Pastor John preaches our second week on obedience. We are all called to be holy and this is something we all struggle with in our lives. Are you going to push forward in the struggle to be holy or just give up?

“Back To The Basics: Simple Obedience” Matthew 4:18-22

Youth Pastor Brandon Hadley brings the message about simple obedience. The disciples simply obeyed when Jesus called them to follow Him. Will you do the same or will you do the exact opposite?

“Back To The Basics Series: Laying A Sure Foundation” Matthew 7:24-29

Pastor John kicks off our new series called Back To The Basics, where we will look at the fundamental things need in our spiritual life. He challenges us to look at how our foundation is doing. Is your foundation secure?

“The Cost Of Freedom”

As we remember those who paid the ultimate price of their lives for our freedom, we are also reminded of the sacrifice Christ paid for our eternal freedom. Pastor John and Scott help us remember that freedom always has a cost with it. Do you remember the cost of your freedom?

“Salvation: A Statement Of Faith Or A Way Of Life?” John 10:10

Pastor John describes to us the two different roads people are on and that these roads lead to different places. We are reminded that salvation is not just a statement of faith but a way to live your life? How are you living your life? Is your faith visible through the way you live your life?

“The True Task Of Motherhood” 2 Timothy 1:3-10

Pastor John honors our Mothers by reminding them what their true task is. We are all grateful for the work our moms have done in our lives. Encourage your mom and thank her for the work she did in your life.

“First Steps” Mark 10:45

In special kind of service, Pastor Scott has a conversation about serving. Jesus came not be served but to serve and we are striving to have our church do the same. He challenged us to begin praying on how to serve in our church. Are you serving?

“Timeless Series: Genereous Grace & Borrowed Dignity” 2 Samuel 9:1-13

In week 5 of our Timeless Series, Pastor John looks at a character named Mephibosheth who gets grace in his life before of someone else. David showed grace and kindness because the acts of someone in Mephibosheth’s family. Have you ever experienced grace because of someone else’s acts? Have you ever given grace because of someone else’s acts?

Timeless Series: Snating Life From The ‘Jaws” Of Death Matthew 12:38-41

In week 4 of our Timeless Series, Pastor John shows us how the story of Jonah resembles the resurrection of Jesus. We learn that God isn’t in the second chance business but the life resurrecting business. Did Jesus resurrect your life?