Podcast Now Available on iTunes!

Our sermons are now a bonafide podcast that can be found on iTunes and downloaded to your iPod.  Click here to open our page in iTunes or you can search for “Marsh Lane Baptist Church” in the iTunes store.

“The Gospel According To Paul”

Pastor John starts off a new series getting back to the Gospel. Paul had his finger and foot prints all over the early church. He gives us some insight on the Gospel in Romans 1.

“Why I Am An Optimist”

Guest speaker Pastor David Strunk blessed us with message out of the Gospel of Matthew. He gives us 3 reasons why he is an optimist even with the world in the state it is in.

“2 Kinds of People 3 Kinds of Christians”

God views people only in two ways, saved and lost. We are given two kinds of roads, wide/easy or narrow/hard. Do you know what kind of person you are and the road you are heading down? Maybe it is time for a self evaluation.

“About The Father’s Business”

Jesus was all about doing the Father’s business and he displayed that through his life. Whose business are you about?

“Surely I Come Quickly”

Jesus tells us that he will be coming back. He doesn’t say when but that he is coming quickly. How will he be coming for you?

“The Thief of Joy”

Being comparative stems from discontentment in life, which leads to bitterness and joy stealing. A life of comparison leads to a life of joy stealing. Our joy should come from Jesus Christ.

“Difficulties Become Dividends When”

God never promised life would not be difficult. But He did promise to use our difficulties for His glory. Like the Apostle Paul, we must learn to turn our difficulties into dividends.

“A Meeting Place”

There is only one way to meet God personally, and that is through Jesus Christ. Fellowship with God starts at the cross, continues in the church, and will last for eternity. Do you have fellowship with God? Do you know Him?

“Kingdom Thinking”

When we accepted Christ into our lives, we became disciples of Jesus, who is our King. Our King has a Kingdom, and our mindset should be focused on His Kingdom and not our own. Who’s kingdom are you working for?

“A Light for a Dark Place”

In this weeks message, Pastor John shows us that darkness is simply the absence of light. As believers we must stand in a dark world and present the light of Jesus Christ, so that the lost can be found, and God can be glorified.