Podcast Now Available on iTunes!

Our sermons are now a bonafide podcast that can be found on iTunes and downloaded to your iPod.  Click here to open our page in iTunes or you can search for “Marsh Lane Baptist Church” in the iTunes store.

“Doing Life Together: Jesus Hanging Out With Unbelievers” Luke 5:27-32

Pastor John shares with us that Jesus went wherever he was invited. And while he did spend time with unbelievers, it never changed who he was. Does that reflect in your life? When you hang out with unbelievers, who has the bigger influence?

“Doing Life Together: It Isn’t Always A Party” John 11:17-43

Pastor Scott asks a tough question that we all need to answer. And that is does Jesus bring value to difficult times? Life isn’t always a party.

“Doing Life Together: Swimming In The Deep End”

Pastor John starts off a new series of “Doing Life Together.” As we dive into John 2, he talks about believers and where they choose to swim. Are you in the shallow end or have you jumped fully in?

“Think Big: Missions Conference” Isaiah 54

We kick off our Missions conference in Isaiah 54 and dealing with thinking big. We know that God is big and we need to start remembering that.

“Working In The Fields: Go To Work My Son” Matthew 21:21-32

As Pastor John concludes his “Working In The Fields” series, we look at the story of the two sons asked to work in the vineyard. While there was one request there was two different responses and two different outcomes. God wants his children working in his fields. Are you?

“Working In The Fields” An Approved Worker” 2 Timothy 2:11-16

Pastor John starts a two week series on work and in the first week he gives us what an approved worker looks like. Does this describe you? Are you an approved worker?

“Back To The Basics: Summation” Matthew 7:21-29

As Pastor John wraps up our Back To The Basics series, we take a look at the whole series. Did you grow? Did you learn the basics of our faith?

“Back To The Basics: A Cross-Generational Discussion of Faithfulness” Joshua 24:14-15

In a special message in our Back To The Basics series, all three pastors share their view of faithfulness. Helping to see how faithfulness is viewed a cross generations.

“Back To The Basics: The Generosity Factor” Matthew 20:1-16

As we continue our Back To The Basics series, Pastor John deals with the topic of being generous. Do you know that God has been generous with us? And are you generous with Him?

“Back To The Basics: Communication101” Luke 11:1-4

Pastor Scott really wanted to deal with the topic of prayer and we had a service like never before. There is so much more power when you actual pray during church then hearing how to pray. Do you know the 5 stages to pray? We give you that opportunity.