Podcast Now Available on iTunes!

Our sermons are now a bonafide podcast that can be found on iTunes and downloaded to your iPod.  Click here to open our page in iTunes or you can search for “Marsh Lane Baptist Church” in the iTunes store.

“Spiritual Veterans” 2 Timothy 2

Guest speaker, Dr. David Strunk, gives the insight on how to be spiritual veterans. We were blessed to have Dr. Strunk with us this past Sunday and we pray that his message blesses you.

“State Of The Church Address”

Each Pastor shares the goals we accomplished and goals we have set out for the year 2018. Each coming from a different perpsective and different goals for the church. But one thing in common, is making Jesus more known!

“What I Learned About Giving” 2 Corinthians 8:1-15

Pastor John shares some awesome news about our missions giving for the year of 2017! But then challenges to give and what we can learn from giving.

“The Nature of Church Membership” 2 Corinthians 12:20

Pastor John deals with the nature of church membership telling us that it is like a covenant. Covenant is something talked about throughout scripture and we should have a covenant with our church.

“A Great Way To Start The New Year” Ephesians 4:20-25

Pastor John kicks off 2018 by trying to help make this new year great. WE are saved to do good not look good.

“The God of love, the love of God” 1 John 4:7-5:5

In the last week of our Advent series, Pastor John talks about the love of God and the God of love.

“The Joy of Jesus” Select Scripture

In the third week of Advent, all 3 Pastors look at the joy Jesus brings in our lives. The distinction between joy and happiness is dealt with and how joy is interlocked with Jesus.

“The Promise of Peace” John 14:25-31

In our second week of Advent, we look at how Jesus is the peace that is promised to us and the entire world. What kind of peace do you have?

“The Gift Of Hope” Matthew 4:12-17

As we begin our Advent series, Pastor Scott shows us that there is hope in Jesus. Not just the return of our savior but in Him alone. What do you have your hope in?

“Reaching The Goal” Philippians 3:12-17

Guest Speaker and Evangelist Alan Harris share with us how to reach for the goal.